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Formerly "Pueblo Heating & Cooling"


We started off under the name of Pueblo Heating & Cooling, Inc. in 1986.
We were a 2 man shop with 1 truck determined to build a strong foundation based on honesty, reliability and quality workmanship. As the years progressed the company grew. As it grew we hired more technicians and purchased additional trucks. Our growth happened quick as word spread of our quality work and our competitive prices. ( We take a lot of pride in our professionalism and above board work ethics. We'll never claim to give cheapest prices in town, for that matter we'll never give the highest prices but we do claim to be the best! ) Eventually we grew to an 18 member team serving Tucson and all it's surrounding areas.

We're a full service heating and cooling company which means we do everything from maintenance and repairs, equipment replacements to fabrication of duct material and custom installations. If you're building a new home bring us your plans! We even have products that will improve the indoor air quality for our customers who have problems with allergies. We do it all!

Unfortunately around 2012 someone came along and started their own heating and cooling company. It seemed they didn't have a customer base ( which is hard to build without loyal customers and good honest service ). They opened their business using our name an simply adding a word to make it legal. This caused a lot of confusion for our customers and greatly impacted our sales. ( We still find it difficult to believe that the state of Arizona who approve a company's name when applying for a license would allow this.) Eventually most of the customers we lost during that time have found their way back to us. We regret that so many of them claimed that they found out it was not us once they had received poor service or were bamboozled with over priced equipment replacements and lack of service when they needed it. For this reason we were forced to change our name, but that's all we've changed.

We still give great service and fair prices. So if you feel your heating or cooling system is not working good enough for you then give us a call! We're your friends in the air conditioning profession. When it comes time to repair or replace your current air conditioner, cooler or furnace, we're the company that you can trust for all your heating ad cooling needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

We are prepared to help people with any budget